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Nevada ND-01 review

A great portable DAB unit

The Nevada ND-01 might be the choice for miniturists

Our Verdict

Small, but definitely not an underdog


  • Small size

    Simple to use

    Well built


  • No RDS on FM tuner

This little unit has been around for some time, and deservedly so. Small and very compact and light, the ND-01 is a very attractive portable DAB unit. It has a FM tuner, although it doesn't have RDS, so no station information is available. It's also tricky to find stations because there's no scanning option for FM stations and nor is there a manual tuner. The ND-01 is only capable of displaying whether you're listening in stereo or mono.

The DAB tuner is excellent. When it is first switched on, it's possible to perform either a local scan for stations or a full scan. Both take around a minute to complete, which isn't the fastest we've seen but should suffice.

Elsewhere in the simple menus are options to do a manual scan, display all stations in alphabetical order, ensemble order or an option to reset the unit completely. You can also check out what software the ND-012 is using, although there's little point as it can't be upgraded. Annoyingly, on quitting the menu, radio reception cuts out for a second when you return to normal mode.

The central joystick feels solid and is very responsive while either scrolling through menus or stations, or adjusting the volume. A lock toggle on the side of the unit is handy for when the ND-01 is left in a pocket, and during this time all keys on the front fascia are disabled.

A preset key allows toggling through up to six separate presets on DAB and another six for FM stations (which prove crucial given the FM tuner's basic nature). The LCD itself also shows the date and time, signal strength - in the same style as a mobile phone does - as well as volume and battery levels. Working on two AA rechargeable batteries, the ND-01 keeps going for about eight hours.

Sound quality is good. A decent sense of stereo emanates from the included headphones, although the pair supplied are of the resolutely in-ear design, which might not suit everyone. Still, there's plenty of bass and volume and music is treated well. A basic but assured performance from this small DAB unit is guaranteed and it does its job well.