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Demand for IT workers continues to improve in UK

The IT market continues to recover

There's good news for IT workers, with demand increasing for those with IT and Computing skills in February, according to a new report published by KPMG and the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC).

The excitingly named Report on Jobs saw the permanent staff index at 68.3 in February for the IT sector, ahead of the average job index of 67.2 throughout other sectors in the UK.

This puts the IT sector in a respectable fifth place for permanent jobs in the staff demand table.

However, the temporary and contract professional index fell slightly from 64.6 in January to 63.8 in February. This is below the UK average of 65.1 for temporary positions.

The IT sector came in at sixth place for temporary jobs.

Job index

To understand the index system, a figure of 50 signifies no change, a figure of less than 50 marks a decline, while a figure above 50 marks an improvement.

The IT sector figures in the mid to high 60s shows a steady improvement in the job market.

The monthly report is produced by Markit for KPMG and REC. A questionnaire is sent to a panel of 400 UK recruitment and employment consultancies.