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Collect your Apple Watch in store, but online action still required

Collect your Apple Watch in store, but online order still required

The Apple Watch is online-only no more, sort of. Those in the market for Apple's wearable can now pick up their new timepiece in store, although you still have to make a reservation online.

Store collection is now available to customers in the UK, Germany, France, US, Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong and Japan.

Stock of various models will vary between stores, but it's possible to collect almost immediately after making a reservation online if there's an available slot and the Watch is present at your local Apple emporium.

Pick up right away

We checked availability of the Watch Sport in range of stores in the UK, and at 09.15, Apple was telling us we could pick it up from 09.30 at most locations.

Apple Watch

You still can't just rock up to an Apple Store and purchase a Watch however, so make sure you do book that appointment if you're feeling flush.