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David Fincher not fussed about IMAX movies

David Fincher not fussed with IMAX movies
IMAX - Nolan yes, Fincher no

David Fincher and Christopher Nolan may be two of the most innovative and successful directors working in the movie industry at the moment, but it seems they both have differing opinions on shooting movies in the IMAX format.

For Nolan, IMAX is his go-to format when it comes to the Batman movies – with many of the scenes in the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises shot specifically to 1.44:1 aspect ratio.

Nolan is so precious with the format that he is only showing The Dark Knight Rises prologue in four IMAX cinemas in the UK – there are around 50 in the US – which can show the 70mm film natively.

Maxing out

Fincher, though, is not that enamoured with the format, explaining in a recent interview with Deadline:

"They're going to have the digital equivalent of IMAX very shortly. I don't like the idea of changing fidelity in the middle of a movie just to say, "Here comes some big sh–!"

"Whatever Brad Bird or Chris do is fine by me. I normally think in terms of homogenisation. I want to be able to count on a kind of resolution and depth of field. I never saw The Dark Knight in IMAX. I could definitely see a difference in fidelity of the IMAX sequences. But to each his own."