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New tech could cut gas emissions

Turning of computers will help the environment, a new report says
Turning of computers will help the environment, a new report says

A new report suggests that energy efficient technology could cut greenhouse gas emissions by 20 per cent.

Compiled by the Climate Group – which consists of political leaders and businesses – the report comments that information and communication technology (ICT) could 'monitor' and 'improve' they way we use energy in future years.

Energy re-think

Speaking about the findings, Steve Howard, chief executive of the Climate Group, said: "PCs, mobile phones and the web have transformed the way we all live and do business.

"Global warming and soaring energy prices mean that re-thinking how every home and business uses technology to cut unnecessary costs and carbon is critical to our environment and economy.

"Supported by innovative government policy, ICT can unlock the clean, green industrial revolution we need to tackle climate change and usher in a new era of low carbon prosperity."

Some of the ways the the Climate Group highlighted how energy can be saved, included: making sure transport lorries were properly filled, implement software that automatically switched off computers and improve the efficiency of power grids and of machinery in factories, could save up to 7.8 giga-tonnes of CO2.