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Download of the day – Oilo Oilo

'Oilo' is Basque for 'hen', and this free indie game puts you in charge of a flock of chickens with food on the brain. Click on the yard to throw down a handful of feed, and nearby birds will flock towards it.

That's just as well, because they're utterly obvious to the wolf that tears across the screen periodically, devouring birds and leaving a scattering of feathers in its wake. You're given a few seconds' warning of its arrival, during which you can use strategically placed feed to lure your livestock out of harm's way.

Your flock is doomed to decimation within a minute or so, but you can dodge the wolf's attacks for a little while with carefully deposited piles of feed.

To play, download and extract the ZIP archive, then run the file oilooilo.exe.

Download here: Oilo Oilo

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