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Microsoft hits back at Apple with PC vs Mac page

PC versus Mac
PC versus Mac

Microsoft has put up a PC vs Mac page, with the software giant defending Windows PCs against Apple's increasingly popular computers.

With Apple's computer sales buoyant, Microsoft appears to have decided to throw down the gauntlet to its rival, despite the huge success of Windows 7.

A 'Deciding between a PC and a Mac?' page is already being widely discussed on social networking sites, with Microsoft not pulling its punches.

Spoil your fun

"Macs might spoil your fun" says part of the text, with Microsoft explaining: "You can't get a Mac that ships with a Blu-ray player, TV tuner, Memory Stick reader, or built-in 3G wireless. You can with PCs running Windows 7.

"Most of the world's most popular computer games aren't available for Macs. And Macs can't connect to an Xbox 360. PCs are ready to play."

And the attack continues; Macs 'have a learning curve' asserts Microsoft, 'don't like to share', 'don't let you choose' and 'might not like your PC stuff'.

Incendiary stuff from Microsoft, although the company will point out that Apple has been having a pop at the PC for years.

But, dignified silence would at least have stopped the multitudes of accusing Microsoft of running scared by reacting.