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Is Apple the world's most popular brand?

Apple's innovative iPhone and iPod touch are a big hit with users

Apple has topped a poll of the world’s most high-impact brands, beating giants like Google, Nike, Coca-Cola, Starbucks and Virgin.

The Brandchannel poll, conducted among 2,000 people in 107 countries, revealed that Apple has had the greatest impact on people’s lives, winning in six categories.

One Brandchannel reader said this of Apple’s appeal:

“It has created a revolution in the market and has become more of an addiction for many consumers. They deliver great quality to the consumer and are constantly creating innovative products.”

Microsoft topped the poll for a different reason, as the brand people would most like to argue with. One respondent said:

“Microsoft is so widespread and we all use its products, yet they are such frustrating products to use. Very little innovation for the size of the company.”

Microsoft was also seen as the brand most in need of a revamp, according to Reuters.