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Apple Watch and new Macbook Air could star in February event

Apple Macbook
Time for a new Macbook Air?

It seems like Apple's last event was just yesterday, but then again time flies when you're waiting for the next iPhone or Apple Watch rumor.

Now Apple will host another event toward the event of February, this time to show off the new MacBook Air and yet more Apple Watch details, reports French site iGen. The iPad Pro is not expected to appear there, however.

The site's sources say the next Apple event could take place on February 24.

The new Macbook Air is reportedly a fanless, 12-inch laptop that will ship with hardly any ports - possibly just a headphone jack and a new, reversible USB Type-C connector for power and other needs.

The Apple Watch, on the other hand, is expected out in March, though we're still waiting for more details on the Apple wearable.

Hopefully we'll get those in a few weeks when February comes to an end.

Via Apple Insider