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Dell rapped for printer cable omission in ads

Dell's printers come without USB cables - just like many other manufacturers'

Dell has been scolded by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for not making it clear that a USB cable wasn't included with a printer. According to a statement on the events , "a reader challenged whether the ad should have stated that an essential cable to connect the printer with the PC was not included in the price".

The ASA upheld the complaint and said it was essential to have a cable to use the printer and "that a cable was likely to cost approximately £14". Gold plated then, hopefully.

"We considered the ad gave the impression that the printer could be used in conjunction with a computer without the purchase of any further equipment," concluded the ASA. "The natural expectation among customers was that a cable would be included in the advertised price unless the ad specifically stated that it was not."

Printer cables are generally left out by manufacturers in the continual drive to cut costs in the cut-throat price-targeted printer market.

The ASA told Dell to "ensure their ads stated that cables were not included in the advertised prices for printers in future, if that was the case".