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Apple CarPlay has its sights set on Volkswagen for 2016

If they only we could get CarPlay into one of the old-school VW camper vans

Apple's CarPlay was always going to be a slow rollout but we're steadily seeing more names get on board. Volkswagen was missing from the original list of manufacturers, however we're now hearing that things may soon change.

VW is talking to Apple about integrating CarPlay, says 9 to 5 Mac, and if things go well we could see an announcement made later this year.

Sources say that we'll see CarPlay show up in Volkswagen's 2016 vehicle range as it's a bit too late to make it in for 2015.

Lightning delay

But the delay might not be such a bad thing, as Apple is rumoured to be working on an update to allow its CarPlay system to connect wirelessly instead of using the USB Lightning cable.

Unsurprisingly, both Apple and Volkswagen are keeping schtum on all of this, so we'll just have to cross our fingers and hold out for that announcement.