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Roccat Kone review

Roccat's gaming mouse is an all-terrain vehicle

Roccat Kone
The Tracking Control Unit of the Kone makes it easy to change the surface you are gaming on

Our Verdict

Apart from the weird installation issues, the Kone mouse is a good option for those who regularly change the surface their mouse operates on


  • Tracking Control Unit
  • Nice design


  • Installation is buggy

Roccat first came to my attention a few years ago at one CeBIT trade show in Hannover before the company came to these shores. The kit looked good and offered some neat touches. This far down the line though, has it managed to fulfil all its Germanic promise with the release of the Kone mouse?

Well, impressions didn't start out particularly well for the poor ol' Kone mouse. Initially I began testing on my review machine, that however is running under the Windows 7 RC1 and as such refused to open any of the Roccat software. No biggy really, after all that's a pre-release OS.

The issue though was that it wouldn't even operate as a normal mouse until I unplugged it, rebooted the machine and plugged it back in again. Twice.

Still, I thought that was a Win7 issue again so transferred to a Vista box. Unfortunately that had exactly the same issue leading me to go through the whole unplug-reboot-plug process all over again.

After that initial stumbling block though things started to improve significantly. The standout feature of the Kone - the one that really separates it from the competition - is the Tracking Control Unit.

This is a secondary sensor residing on the base of the mouse towards the front that allows you to accurately calibrate the li'l rodent for whatever surface you're gaming on. Within reason.

You'd have trouble tracking on ice for example, but then why would you want to? But it's quick and simple to do, and more importantly, very effective.

If you're the sort to be travelling around with your PC then you might be used to changing the surface that you're operating on - the Kone then would perhaps be your perfect mouse.

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