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CoolerMaster CM Storm Inferno review

A budget gaming mouse from CoolerMaster's premium brand

CoolerMaster CM Storm Inferno
A well designed gaming mouse, but in comparison to it's bigger brother it's not that much of a bargain


  • More buttons than Sentinel Advance
  • Decent sensitivity


  • Not as sensitive as next model up
  • Price not as competitive
  • No adjustable weight

CoolerMaster has been making a name for itself all over the components market. Last month it absolutely nailed the power supply supertest and we've been loving its chassis for many a long year.

The gaming peripherals market hasn't been so fertile a ground for it up until now, but a new spin-off company has seen CM Storm take that slightly poisoned chalice on.

First off was the rather impressive Sentinel Advance gaming mouse. We checked it out at the beginning of the year and a very favourable 4 out of 5 it got too.

The CM Storm Inferno is of a similar ilk but redesigned WITH MORE BUTTONS. That's very important in gaming mouse terms, as are LED light-shows and headline-grabbing numbers in the DPI space.

But there's something that feels rather cut-down and cut-price compared with CM Storm's last rodent-based outing. It feels like the budget sibling, and while it's cheaper by a fiver, it still feels a lot more lacking than that.

The fact that the Sentinel Advance can hit a superior 5,600dpi isn't nearly as important as the lightweight feel of the Inferno. It's the same weight as the Sentinel Advance but lacks the extra weights you can drop in the base.

It also doesn't have its older brother's reassuring solidity either. There's just a little too much play in the buttons, making them too feel lightweight.

If this were CM Storm's £15 entry-level gaming rodent we could forgive it these failings. But the company has already produced a decent mouse you can pick up for practically the same price. This would be that difficult second mouse then…

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