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Apple TV update adds more channels, still wants to be set-top contender

Apple TV new apps
Can you spot the five new additions?

Apple TV refuses to be overshadowed by Roku and Chromecast and has become even more diligent in continuing to update the set-top.

The box now boasts five new channels - Disney Channel, Disney XD, Weather Channel, Vevo and the Smithsonian Channel.

The latter two are already available on Roku so Apple is playing a bit of catch up. However, the company seems to have a few tricks left for conquering television.

Apple still wants a bite out of TV

Earlier this month, Apple picked up video recommendations site, showing it still wanted to keep you glued to the set. The Apple TV site also lists iTunes Radio as "coming soon," which we can look forward to with the fall iOS 7 release.

The future of Apple TV involves a steep climb if it wants to stay in our homes meaning the company should update its set-top box to better compete with Chromecast, or finally release the rumored Apple iTV.

Either way, Apple certainly seems determined to stay a living room contender and has even made peace with Google by allowing a Chromecast app.