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Macs finally get twin digital TV tuners

It's been a long time coming, but Mac users are finally catching up to their PC brethren when it comes to watching TV on their computers.

Miglia Technology is leading the charge with the launch of the TVDuo - a slim silver and white box that enables portable and desktop Mac users to record one digital TV programme while watching another.

TV tuners have been available for the Mac before, but they've been largely confined to single tuner Freeview boxes or internal analogue TV cards. This has put them a long behind PC users - especially owners of Windows Media Center Edition PCs.

Miglia's £119 TVDuo finally delivers twin Freeview tuners to the Mac for the first time and includes personal video recorder (PVR) software from Elgato to make recording programmes easy.

It also enables you to export any recordings you make to Roxio Toast or Apple's iDVD so they can be burned to DVD-Video - and, of course, you can also convert your video so it's compatible with the iPod .

The great irony of all this for Mac users is that Apple was making TV PCs back when Microsoft was touting Windows 3.1. The black Apple Macintosh TV was sold from October 1993 to February 1994 in the US. A UK version - dubbed the Performa 5400 - followed in 1996.