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Here's Apple's temporary fix for that iMessage crash bug


You know that problem with a single message being able to reboot your iPhone? Well, Apple has now issued a temporary fix as we wait for an official software update to solve the problem.

In a support post, Apple recommends three steps.

First, ask Siri to "read unread messages".

Then use Siri to reply to the malicious message with anything you want. From there you'll be able to open up Messages again without an issues.

Finally, in Messages, swipe left to delete the entire thread or tap and hold to delete the single malicious message.

That'll allow you to use Messages again without any issues but it doesn't seem to solve the problem of someone sending you the message over again.

iFix, you fix

We've tested our fix here and it means you won't be affected by the hack again.

Then it's just a matter of time to wait for Apple to update its software – and there's no telling how long that will take. Fingers crossed it's soon.