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Transcend releases Mac Pro DRIMM

Mac Pro
Saving cash on Apple's most expensive PC

Memory maker Transcend has spotted a hole in the market for Apple fans who want to save cash on their top of the range Mac Pros.

At the moment, the only way to get a cheaper Mac Pro is to buy the cheapest one on the market and then pay for a RAM upgrade. Apple charges a lot more money for RAM than other computer makers and it is possible to find upgrades cheaper.

Transcend has launched a 16GB and 32GB DDR3 Registered DIMM (RDIMM) modules aimed at Mac Pro 2013 systems.


Using the Transcend upgrade Mac Pro users can boost their computers' RAM to 64GB, 96GB, or 128GB.

According to a company release, while the machine is advertised as supporting up to 64GB of memory, Transcend has developed and tested these higher density modules to work in the machines. This means its memory module can push the Mac Pro beyond its spec.

Transcend says that the memory modules are easy to install in Mac Pro systems and the memory modules are backed with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Pricing for the modules is not known yet. However it would have to be cheaper than buying it from the Apple store.