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Ricoh releases a mobile digital signage solution for curved surfaces

Ricoh Digital Imaging Mobile Lenovo
Three projectors form one image

Ricoh has released a new mobile digital signage system that is designed to provide projections that optimize on curved, conical and spherical surfaces, the company said.

The Ricoh Digital Signage Solution packages Ricoh's PJ WX4141N projector with a Lenovo computer. The computer comes preloaded with edge blending software, and the tools necessary for projecting signage or graphics up to 15 feet wide from two or three synched Ricoh projectors.

The digital signage technology features one-click calibration that is designed to enable users to create one cohesive image from images on two or three projectors.

Ricoh Digital Signage Solution is available for $15,000 for twos projectors, which can project up to 10-feet wide projection. It is also available for $19,375 for the three-projector version, which can scale up to 15 feet wide.

Ricoh's PJ WX4141N

Ricoh's PJ WX4141N projector functions within 4.6 to 9.8 inches from any wall or screen. The projectors display 3300lm images that measure up to 80 inches diagonal. The projector weighs 6.6lbs.