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Ridley Scott vows to work only in 3D

Ridley Scott - loves the 3D
Ridley Scott - loves the 3D

Director Ridley Scott has joined a growing group of filmmakers who see 3D as the future of moviemaking, announcing that he is never to film in two dimensions again.

The multi-award winner is filming his new movie, Prometheus in 3D and has developed a love for the technology.

Scott, who usually operates the camera as well as directing, told a panel at Comic Con, via satellite link, "I'll never work without 3D again, even for small dialogue scenes.

"I love the whole process. 3D opens up the universe of even a small dialogue scene so I've been very impressed with that."


Prometheus, which began filming in March, was going to be an Alien prequel but has developed into a more independent production. The new film will see Scott return to the sci-fi genre shooting for the very first time in 3D.

Damon Lindelof, co-screenwriter of Prometheus, said: "3D helps bring you into that immersive environment and just based on what I've seen so far I think probably one the most visionary and visual directors in the world is finally using this medium, I think its going to be pretty special."

The announcement from Scott is quite a bold step, however, it could signal even more filmmakers and directors following suit.

Via SlashFilm