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Konnie Huq becomes new face of Blu-ray

Konnie Huq champions Blu-ray
Konnie Huq champions Blu-ray

Television presenter and ex-Blue Peter host Konnie Huq has revealed to the world why she is a fan of Blu movies, in the latest campaign to get people to adopt the Blu-ray format.

Found on website, the four-minute instructional video tells viewers all about the wonders of Blu-ray viewing.

The video features such nuggets of wisdom as: "You may have a HD TV, but without high definition content, you are just watching standard-quality pictures." So, that's where we have been going wrong for all these years!

Blu-ray for the masses

To be fair, the video is not for the Blu-ray savvy, in fact it's all spelled out in layman's terms that even your Gran will understand.

It's no coincidence that the video has been released just before Christmas, as Sony will be wanting to push its Blu-ray technology into as many homes as possible this festive season, especially with a recession just around the corner.