Why Kingston Technology’s partnership approach is solving data centre challenges

Kingston DRAM
(Image credit: Kingston Technology)

There’s a good reason why we adopted the tagline: ‘We’re more than a part. We’re a partner’. We’re well known for developing meticulously tested server memory and high-performance SSDs widely deployed in data centres, but our role expands far beyond simply providing great products. Our enterprise customers, many of whom we have worked with for decades, regard us as a trusted partner, a collaborator, to help them conquer the challenges of the data frontier. 

We work with decision makers in data centres where robust, scalable and sustainable solutions are needed to perform at the highest level to meet enterprise and customer expectations. These solutions must support modern technology requirements including IoT devices, edge computing and 5G, streamed video content at scale, and fast-growing modes of computation such as AI and machine learning. 

The pillars of operational technology: storage and server memory

Enterprise SSDs such as Kingston’s DC600M SSD allow data centres to manage different workloads with consistent high performance and low latency,  ensuring rapid access to the data for first-class user experiences. Used in high-volume rack-mount servers, and often in hardware or software RAID configurations, the DC600M has hardware-based power-loss protection (using capacitors) that protects data integrity and reduce the risk of data loss or corruption during a power outage and provides capacities up to 7680GB. This also makes it ideal as an upgrade solution, allowing enterprise decision-makers to realise substantial cost-efficiencies. 

Cost is also a consideration when it comes to server memory. Kingston invests heavily in the development and testing of its memory modules to allow enterprises to realise a rapid return on their investments. Our Server Premier range, which is designed to provide high performance, stability and long-term reliability offers multiple memory options. The DDR4 RDIMM and DDR5 RDIMM are well suited to data centre applications offering capacities up to 96GB and speeds of up to 5600MT/s.

Kingston is dedicated to quality, which is why our SSDs are thoroughly and extensively tested, and our memory modules, which have a lifetime warranty, meet the industry standards and requirements of servers from leading brands such as Cisco, Dell, HPE and Lenovo. 

We take our customer partnerships seriously 

Every day our team, our Ask a Kingston Expert service, is called upon by CIOs and CTOs, data centre managers, systems and cloud architects, and professionals with responsibility for data centres and IT infrastructure to help them make key technology choices. It is part of our commitment to customer service that we take a cooperative approach, and this has differentiated us in the market for over 35 years.  

Case study: Playing host 

Hosteur, are a leading hosting provider with multiple data centres across Europe, and service more than 100,000 customers with hosting, cloud computing, managed services and security solutions. To meet burgeoning hosting service demands, Hosteur has a large and often urgent requirement for server memory and storage that allows them to meet customer SLAs. Kingston was the partner that Hosteur chose to provide proof of concept pre-serial enterprise class SSDs so they could test the performance of the product before implementing it. This allowed them to validate projects, place orders, receive the products and install them quickly and efficiently as needed. Now, 300 customers are set up on 2TB of DRAM on a server cluster with the memory and SSD solutions all provided by Kingston at a highly competitive price.  

Case Study: Better gaming 

Founded in 2004 as a gaming server provider, i3D.net has grown into a global managed hosting company with thousands of servers on six continents. Facing challenges in minimising lag times for gaming customers, they partnered with Kingston for server DRAM and SSD solutions. Benefits include competitive advantages, optimised server performance, doubling of gaming instances, increased virtual systems, and meeting 99.99 percent SLAs. Kingston's SSDs significantly improved server capabilities, accommodating 60–100 players per instance. The partnership reduced DRAM failures by 50 percent, increased reliability, and contributed to their business, where customers expect reliability and low latency, for better gaming experiences.  

Comprehensive, long-term support 

Hosteur and I3D are among many companies that have found their data centre needs met by Kingston Technology. From a technical perspective, the products are being used to support ever-increasing virtualised workloads with optimal efficiency and resource management. However, it is Kingston’s reliability and innovative approach as a partner that is allowing customers to meet the challenges of contemporary data-driven environments. The emphasis that the company places on quality, testing, customer service and versatility has made Kingston stand out when it comes to supporting the data centre needs of enterprises, now and in the future.  

For more information about Kingston’s products and solutions please visit https://www.kingston.com