Why NFT Express could be your secret weapon to cracking the NFT market

Tatum NFT Express
(Image credit: Tatum)

If you've been on any news site within the last few months, you'll doubtless have read or seen some mention of Non Fungible Tokens, or NFTs.

Offering a unique piece of content owned solely by the buyer, NFTs are proving incredibly popular, with everyone from football teams to art galleries looking to get involved.

But in an industry that is still growing exponentially, getting your business up to speed with NFT technology can seem daunting. Fortunately, there are a number of solutions available to help...

Tatum is a blockchain development platform that looks to help anyone build web3 apps, even if you don't have any previous experience, and is now offering your business the chance to test the waters with its new NFT Express feature.

Designed for organizations looking to get up to speed fast when it comes to minting and releasing NFTs, NFT Express looks to help the likes of ecommerce firms and enterprises looking to produce NFTs in bulk.

In the past, starting and quickly scaling an NFT operation was an incredibly challenging process, not least in terms of getting the right resources on board and available. This didn't just mean having developers and engineers who knew the ropes, but also purchasing cryptocurrency to pay for the blockchain transaction fees (also known as gas fees) needed to mint NFTs.

With NFT Express, your business no longer has to worry about these gas fees, which are all handled by Tatum, and deducted as credits from your paid Tatum plan.

The platform also allows your business to instantly mint as many NFTs as you need or want with a few simple lines of code - Tatum's blockchain experts have handled the heavy lifting so you don't have to.

Security has long been a concern for not just the NFT and blockchain space, but also for the technology industry at large, with ever-growing protection and expertise needed to ensure your entire business stays safe. With NFT Express, the sensitive private keys required to mint NFTs are handled on Tatum’s end and are never sent over the internet. This allows your app’s end-users to mint NFTs from wherever, while you can rest easy knowing the security is being handled by Tatum.

NFT Express is available on 5 blockchains (Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Celo, Polygon, and Harmony) and can handle unlimited minting of NFTs on any of them. It can even work on mobile apps, opening up your business to a wider customer base than ever before, with NFTs able to be swiftly built into existing apps or programs without the need for detailed blockchain experience.

So if you want to get your business started in the world of NFTs, give Tatum a try today. With over 21,000 developers building apps used by tens of millions of end-users around the world, the company already handles billions of dollars worth of transaction processes per month - and you could be next. 

If you want to find out more, visit Tatum's website here for more details on NFT Express.