Whitepaper: Email Marketing Industry Benchmark 2020 by Sendinblue

email marketing
(Image credit: Sendinblue)

Understanding the impact of your email campaigns helps you gather insights into the kind of information your customers value, and beyond your own performance, comparing your results to similar organizations and top performers in the industry can bring an additional angle to improve your strategy.

This industry benchmark by Sendinblue, the all-in-one digital marketing platform, will give you a clear overview of the most important figures and metrics in email marketing and a better understanding of the efficiency of your email strategy, identifying strengths as well as areas for improvement. In this report, you will find analyzed and compiled email marketing data, highlighting best practices and winning formulas to help you build better email campaigns, so you can understand what the top performers in email marketing are doing to achieve their success.

Download Sendinblue’s Email Marketing Industry Benchmark today to find and exploit your hidden potential by evaluating your KPIs against top performers. Discover how to stand out in your field with more effective email marketing campaigns by knowing how your emails stack up against the competition.