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Nearly 1.7 million Wiis sold last week

Have a happy Wii Christmas from TechRadar!
Have a happy Wii Christmas from TechRadar!

Retail watchers VG Chartz has pronounced a winner in this year's traditional war of the consoles - and it's no surprise that the Wii is the winner.

Nintendo's family-friendly gamer has finally overcome supply issues, to ship 1,695,940 units in the week ending last Saturday.

That's more than the total sales of Xbox 360s (918,919) and PlayStation 3s (485,937) combined.

Ninty double-header

Nintendo also triumphed in the mobile arena, shifting a staggering 1.9 million DS handhelds, compared to Sony's meagre 530,000 PSPs.

America still counts for the majority of consoles and handhelds sold, except for PS3s and DSs, which are slighlty more popular everywhere else.

As you might expect, Nintendo also hogs the global software sales list, with Wii titles taking the top four spots: Wii Sports (1.4 million sold last week - meaning over 80 per cent of new consoles are sold with it), followed by Mario Kart Wii, Wii Fit and Wii Play.

The Xbox 360's Call of Duty: World at War takes an honourable mention at number five.