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MadCatz Cyborg Gaming Lights review

Fancy some Ambi-light style lights for your gaming nights? No, neither do we

MadCatz Cyborg Gaming Lights
Flashy, colourful and pretty much useless to the serious gamer


  • Good integration with on-screen action
  • Good build quality


  • Except when it's dark
  • Not a huge amount of use
  • Price

Enjoying that game, are you? You know what you really need, don't you? That's right. Some lights. Some lights like the Mad Catz Cyborg Gaming Lights that approximate the colours on screen and illuminate the wall behind your monitor.

Well you're in luck. Cyborg's gaming lights can softly illuminate your walls for a measly £90. If the game you're playing supports the amBX technology that powers the lights, that is.

But don't worry about that, think of those colours! If the screen's filled with deep blue ocean, the lights go blue. If you're stalking through moonlit streets on screen… not much happens.

You should be fine though, as long as you play games that only use primary colours. And support amBX.

There are some positives. When something explodes on screen, the gaming lights respond with an impressive burst of light. They're built to a high standard, and relatively easy to get up and running.

It's just that, well, they're entirely useless. You need to play in a dark room to notice the effect at all, and even then you'll barely notice, because you'll be looking at the screen.

If this amBX tech came attached to a monitor for less money, we'd be interested. As it is, it's a monumental pile of cash for little reward.

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