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Multilingual cybercriminals in high demand

It has long been the case that you’re more attractive to an employer if you’re fluent in more than one mainstream language. But it seems there’s now a particularly high demand for computer hackers who can speak not only in the language of computer systems, but also in multiple real-world languages.

Arts Technica reports that with more and more money being made from the spreading of spam and malware, increased efforts are being made to attack specific targets. Hackers who can speak French, for instance, are perfectly placed to write malware aimed at French internet users.

Spam spelling set to improve

You may have noticed that much of the spam in your inbox is littered with more words spelled incorrectly than correctly. This is because most is written by people, particularly in China and Russia, who are not fluent English speakers.

The world of organised crime is becoming increasingly interested in cybercrime as a way to make money. And that’s why multilingual computer coders are now in such high demand.

Don’t be surprised if, in the next few years, you start receiving spam messages which are far more convincing than those 'by are amasing Viagra tabblets' ones you are receiving today.