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DAB Audio Adaptor review

Give your bog standard radio a stylish digital upgrade

Our Verdict

A reasonable unit but too expensive for what it is


  • Easy set-up

    Decent reception


  • No controls on unit

Do you want all the benefits of a digital radio without replacing your current analogue model? If so, this neat little jobby could be for you.

Simply plug it into the audio-in socket on your existing stereo to receive digital stations like magic. Despite a limp excuse for an aerial, reception is surprisingly good.

What is a baffling let-down, though, is the absence of controls on the unit - to change stations you have to use the stubby, ugly remote, which could be a pain if it gets lost or the batteries run out, plus it's another handset to pile up on the coffee table.

But otherwise this is a simple-to-use DAB tuner that would've been much more attractive if it was a little cheaper.