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AMX's new touch-panel remote for the home

AMX's NXD-430
AMX's NXD-430

AMX has shown off its latest wall-mountable touch-screens, for those people who want to control their whole house from one point.

The NXD-430 and NXD-435 are designed to be mounted on your walls so that you can control lighting, heating and anything else that you feel needs to be adjusted when you walk in a door.

The design is similar to the popular but more obvious 5.2" Modero viewpoint, and at 2 inches thick, AMX believes that they are the perfect 'affordable' wall-mounted touchscreen solution.

We should point out that affordable in this instance means just less than a thousand pounds rather than the same price as a PS3.

"Elegant and affordable"

"The new NXD-430/435 models are a great compliment to any control solution providing additional user interfaces that are both elegant and affordable," explains Robert Noble, chief technology officer of AMX.

"The sleek, contemporary design coupled with PoE technology and a host of installation features will further simplify many of our integrators installations."

The displays are 4.3-inch, 16:9 WQCGA displays with a resolution of 480x272 and will be available by early summer for a price of around £950.