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Teradata's Demand Chain software now includes cloud deployments

Connecting data to the shipping floor
Connecting data to the shipping floor

Teradata Corporation has updated its Demand Chain Management software to include cloud-based deployments, improved promotional forecasting and a new order review interface.

The software’s analytics tools are designed to enable retailers and supply chain managers to forecast inventory requirements to make better decisions. The tool connects businesses with stores, distribution centers and vendors to optimize the supply chain.

The updated software’s cloud deployment feature speeds up forecasting by limiting the amount of infrastructure needed to begin analysis. Users can now run the tool within the Teradata Cloud and gain access to Teradata’s Professional Services consultancy.

Promotion forecasting

Additional updates include data report exportation, time-phased automated replenishment and improved promotional forecasting that will enable businesses to quickly take action on products that are not selling at a satisfactory pace.

The tool’s new order review interface supports custom views for store-level users to boil down supply chain needs on a location-by-location basis.