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Swiftkey gets Australian language support

Swiftkey launches Australian English Support
Strewth! What a bloody brilliant idea!

Crikey! The blokes and sheilas at Swiftkey have introduced support for Australian English, allowing Aussie users to enjoy significantly more accurate predictions for on their Android device.

The English company analysed over 14 billion words of Australian English in order to improve its product for the Aussie market.

"While at first look Australian English and UK English seem very similar, our research teases out the subtleties that combine to make a huge difference in the day-to-day typing experience of Australian users," explained Dr Caroline Gasperin, Swiftkey's head of languages.

"The SwiftKey Aussie English language model now gives the app a head-start in learning the Aussie dialect and SwiftKey will continue to learn and build a profile unique to each user."

Better results for Aussies

With the addition of Australian English, the SwiftKey app now has a larger base to work from in order to accurately predict Australian typing.

It does still customise to the user though, analysing Tweets, Gmail and Facebook updates to help understand the most likely words to be used by any particular user.

To celebrate the launch, SwiftKey has also halved the price of the app to $1.99 for a limited time on the Play Store. Bonza, mate!