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Netgear shows off cloud-based app store

Smart Network Diagram
Netgear's vision for a smarter network

Today Netgear announced "Smart Network," enabling users to download tools and utilities via a cloud-based app store.

"For the first time, consumers can use our dashboard to create a customized network experience that caters to their needs and desires," said Cedar Milazzo, Senior Director of Engineering.

"Today's smart devices are only as smart as the networks they are connected to."

Smarter is better

"Netgear Smart Network will allow consumers to use innovative new applications to harness the power of all of their network devices and use those devices in new ways that meet customers' needs and that enable accessibility from anywhere." He said.

Netgear unveils its new

Netgear showed off an AirPrint-app, and a home security system that could access Netgear cameras with the click of a button.

Download from the cloud

They also showed the simple download process - in which they quickly downloaded a data usage gauge from the cloud-based store, called AppManager.

Smart Network will work with Smart Network-enabled products, including the recently announced N900 Video and Gaming WiFi Adapter and the WN2500RP Dual Band WiFi Range Extender.

We're fond of any attempts to spruce up the unimaginative network landscape, but it's yet to be seen if developers will really jump at the chance to develop apps for such a niche market.