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Transformers star turns on 3D films

Transformers star turns on 3D films
LeBoeuf with le cheese

Shia LeBeouf is certainly not the biggest Hollywood figure to turn on 3D, but the star of the Transformers films is apparently looking for heart-o-vision rather than an extra dimension.

Talking to Total Film, LeBeouf set his sights on 3D as a storytelling mechanism, insisting that it is not the game change that the likes of Steven Spielberg and James Cameron insist it is.

"For me 3D doesn't extend the medium at all, it's just another way of looking at an explosion," he said.

"But who knows, maybe the future's in 3D dramas, I don't think it's likely."

Heart and souled-out

"You can only see something explode so many ways. The oldest magic trick is the human heart, that's a magic trick no one can really explain to you and doesn't get old".

Awww, and this from the man that Total Film cannily points out called the third instalment of Transformers, "the greatest 3D film ever made".

So, we're all but ruling him out from making an appearence on Pandora in the Avatar sequels.