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World's first HD Pico projector launched

Forever Plus' new Pico projector is 720p
Forever Plus' new Pico projector is 720p

After the deluge of Pico projectors announced in 2008, it was inevitable that an HD Pico device would rear its head at some point.

What wasn't so clear-cut was the company that would nab the 'world's first' crown.

It's comes as a surprise then that little-known Taiwanese outfit Forever Plus has beat the big guys to the finishing line with its Portable 720P LED Projector.

HDMI slot

At just 125mm x 150mm x 50mm, the device is certainly diminutive. Weighing in at 800g, the fairly lightweight projector has been designed for both 'traveling businessmen' and 'mobile cinema' fans.

Picture quality is 720p, so not quite Full HD, but there is a HDMI port on board, USB connectivity and an SD card slot. Lamp life is a very credible 30,000 hours.

Unlike the 720p picture this projector relays, details of availability and price are sketchy at best but we will bring you more information when we get it.

Via Engadget