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DreamWorks faces music, quits HD DVD at last

Never, ever will we get to see 'Bee Movie' in the glory of HD DVD

Not like it was inevitable or anything, but it looks as if the final thread by which the hopes of HD DVD hardware owners were dangling has snapped, after DreamWorks quit its wavering and abandoned the format entirely.

We already knew that sibling studio Paramount was heading for the door, but DreamWorks bosses had been warbling about

holding up their end of the deal

with Toshiba to support HD DVD.

To Bee or not to Bee

Now that the $150 million love-in is officially over, HD DVD fans will never get the chance to enjoy the likes of Bee Movie, the last scheduled - but now cancelled - release on the dead disk.

Still, Paramount has apparently already pressed HD DVD copies of Into the Wild and Things We Lost in the Fire, so nostalgia buffs with money to waste might want to snap 'em up on 11 March, when they hit the shops in the US. Wonder if they'll be discounted?