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Cameras combine to create super HD TV

The new super HD TV is so secret, all we got was a Mitsubishi logo!

Japan's Mitsubishi Electric has come up with an unusual technique for boosting the resolution of high-definition video by combining shots from multiple ordinary cameras into one super HD stream.

The unnamed technology [Subscription link] is currently being tested at the company's labs in Tokyo using five video cameras capable of shooting high-quality images. It links these to computers with 3D graphics processors that can get to work on the raw data.

4x high-def

Input from the various cameras is analysed for differences, which are mashed together to form a composite video including everything at a much higher resolution.

With the current set-up of five cameras and five PCs the resulting video clocks in at quadruple the resolution of normal HD TV and is pumped out the other end just 0.15 seconds after the shooting begins.

Mitsubishi claims the quality is on a par with commercial digital cinema and says it hopes to use the technology in surveillance systems and possibly even in live TV broadcasts.