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BD-Live Blu-ray marred by privacy agreements

Buy Sleeping Beauty, get a whole legal course free
Buy Sleeping Beauty, get a whole legal course free

Picture the scene: you are sitting down to watch one of Disney's most-celebrated animations, Sleeping Beauty, on the magnificent format that is Blu-ray.

You put the disc in, and instead of the movie beginning, you are faced with 120 pages of privacy policies and end user license agreements!

This is a problem that is marring Disney's first-ever Blu-ray release, and has been pointed out on the website Format War


The problem is that the disc is BD-Live and this means that it has to be updated immediately after being inserted into a BD-Live compatible Blu-ray player.

The BD-Live update is fine, but it means you have to trawl through a 57-page end user licence agreement AND a 63-page privacy policy.

It would be interesting to see how many kids actually read through 120 pages of legal literature before watching the film.