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BufferZone Home Edition review

Trustware have developed something quite innovative

While not a complete solution, BufferZone Home Edition does offer some great protection

Our Verdict

Overall an interesting take on PC protection that offers another barrier against infection


  • Easy to use

    Interesting concept


  • Not a complete solution

Barrier approaches to PC security will never be reliable, claims Trustware, so it's developed a different approach. BufferZone separates programs into trusted (Windows and other key tools) and untrusted (browsers and download managers for example). The latter programs can't modify trusted files or registry keys on your real system.

If they try, BufferZone simulates the change in its internal, private mode: the application still runs, but your key system files remain unchanged and infection-free. This works well, and also protects you against a bigger problem than malware: poor coding.

Get in the habit of running Internet downloads in the Buffer Zone, and any that mistakenly mess with your registry or operating system files won't cause trauma.

The program isn't a complete solution. Malware can still infect and perhaps control programs, read files elsewhere unless they're in specifically secured folders, and maybe transmit them over the Internet.

Used alongside a malware scanner and BufferZone could be useful, though, especially while Trustware is offering a limited free version. Check it out now.