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Belkin Sonic Wave Silicone Sleeve review

Protect your iPod from scrapes and scratches

Belkin Sonic Wave Silicone Sleeve-Main
Keep your new iPod nano snug in Belkin's Sonic Wave Silicone Sleeve

Our Verdict

Decent, basic protection for your nano, and it won't break the bank


  • Offers decent protection from scratches
  • Decent price


  • Won't protect against tougher knocks

The world wasn't exactly waiting with bated breath for another silicone sleeve for an iPod nano, but if you got one of these most popular of Apple's portable media players for Christmas, you could do worse than to buy a Sonic Wave Silicone Sleeve from Belkin.

It's a simple design; the sleeve is open at one end, and you just push the iPod nano in. It takes a little patience – trying to jam it in by force will result in frustration – but once it's in place it will protect your iPod from scratches and light knocks.

You do still have to be careful – if you get a small piece of sharp sand in between the case and the iPod, it can actually cause damage as the case keeps it pressed against the iPod's metal skin, potentially creating scratches – but it's still a decent way to give a fourth-generation nano some protection.

It doesn't quite sit correctly at the top of the screen, but you can use the controls through the silicone. The rear features the graphical 'Sonic Wave' design with some areas showing through to your nano.