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Apple iTunes review

It's still out there fighting for its life

Now it handles your pod and vodcasting needs too

Our Verdict

It still delivers what it says it will, with the minimum of fuss and stress


  • Lots of variety

    Easy to use


  • Moving MP3s is difficult

Derided sniffily by some, Apple's massively popular media library app is still going strong. Regularly updated, it'll now handle your pod and vodcasting needs, talk nice with your iPod, and allow you to make all manner of devastatingly poor post-pub buying decisions via the iTunes Music Store.

DRM is a problem though, as moving your MP3s after buying them can be as much fun as hand-feeding a velociraptor. But in the main, iTunes just works - no fuss, no drivers, no clunky menus; it just lets you get on with it. Amen to that.