EZ Air Standing Desk review

The EZ Air Standing Desk is a competitively priced sturdy, ergonomic desk bound to offer working versatility.

EZ Air Standing Desk Review | Walnut 140 x 60 | 80kg | Height 74 –119 cm
(Image: © EZ Shopper)

TechRadar Verdict

The EZ Air standing desk, while not unique in style, is a well executed, elegantly presented adjustable desk finished to an extremely high standard and sold for a very reasonable price. Compared to market leading standing desk providers with adjustable desktops at similar prices, this model offers a broad, sturdy construction that can bear a hefty 80kg of hardware and work materials atop a fine walnut finished desk.


  • +

    Sold as a complete set

  • +

    Designed for durability

  • +

    Cable management access points included

  • +

    Cupholder and under desk hook for work bag or headphones

  • +

    Quiet motor

  • +

    Fast delivery

  • +

    Free mousepad included with Walnut sit-stand desk


  • -

    Cable management system isn’t a cable tray

  • -

    Lightweight model compared to competitors

  • -

    Motor must be plugged in to elevate desk

  • -

    Lengthy setup process

  • -

    Only deliver to the UK

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Just as standing on your feet all day can become tiring, slouching and locking eyes with a digital screen for eight hours or more can also have consequences on your health, so considering an adjustable desk is a smart way to get the balance right. 

If you're thinking about upgrading your work from home or coworking setup, the best standing desks offer an ergonomic way to refresh your workstation by adding the option of an elevated desktop to give you the choice to move more during your workday. 

The EZ Air standing desk from EZ Shopper is designed with this comfort and working flexibility in mind. You can of course choose to sit at one of the best office desks when lowered or stand when raised, but you can also opt for moving more as you stand, be this on a treadmill at light pace or stationary exercise bike to get your cardio in throughout the work day. 

EZ Shopper are a UK based supplier of adjustable desks, paddle boards and wood burning hot tubs giving them quite the eclectic advantage when it comes to the cross-over of furniture for fitness and wellness.

Pricing and availability

This EZ Air walnut model is competitively priced at £229.99, including next day delivery to the majority of the U.K. For that price, you’re getting a cup holder, under desk headphone or bag hook, and a free mousepad included. 

EZ Air standing desk full image

(Image credit: EZ Shopper)

If you’re a bargain hunter, it’s worth noting that you can get an extra £10 off all EZ desks when you sign up to their newsletter. 


EZ Desk Air | Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

(Image credit: EZ Shopper)

Despite the name, the EZ Air adjustable desk is not quite as lightweight as you might expect. The trade-off is you get an extremely sturdy 140 x 60 cm adjustable work surface with smart black metal legs that support a hardy worktop with a polished walnut finish.

The desk is naturally ergonomic by design, allowing you comfort as you stand or sit during your working day or gaming session. Alternative designs of the desk are also available in 110x60cm and 160x75cm measurements in black frame with white desktop. 

As the desk adjusts to your preferred height, the motor is quiet and discreet enough not to be a distraction in busy co-working spaces. You can also set up the desk to utilise the sit-stand timer with inbuilt audible alert to ensure you’re moving as much as you’d like during use. 

The worktop itself comes in two wooden parts—which each feature cable management access points—that are simple enough to screw together using the metal joinery provided. 

The desk can easily hold a dual 24″ monitor setup, a laptop, your gaming PC tower either on or under the desk at any height, a mouse, speakers, wrist rest and keyboard — and you also get a free mousepad with the walnut design.

💡 Supplier suggestion: “In terms of desktop size, we recommend the 110cm desktop for a single monitor configuration, 140cm for a dual monitor configuration, and 160cm for a triple monitor configuration.” - EZ Shopper 

EZ Air Standing Desk LCD keypad

(Image credit: Future)

The digitally controlled keypad has a user-friendly LCD interface which allows you to easily move the desk up and down to your desired height, or alternatively set two positions for standing and sitting that can be added to memory settings for fast adjustment in the future. 

EZ Air standing desk in walnut back of single motor

(Image credit: Future)

Coming in at around 1.5 metres, we would prefer as an improvement ideally the cable length for the motor would be slightly longer to allow more flexibility in positioning the table as near to or as far away from a plug socket as you like. From a safety perspective though, the motor cable length keeps the overall construction of the desk safe and neat to avoid any trip hazards. 

Other safety features include an anti collision system, columns out of alignment detection and motor overheat protection.

For £10 more, you can choose to purchase a five- year warranty, instead of the standard one-year option available as standard for all EZ desks. There is also optional cable management available to purchase for any trailing wires you may have from your hardware.


It took my partner and I a total of two and half hours to completely finish setting up and testing the EZ Air adjustable standing desk. Why? Well, to keep the desk secure there are a lot of small parts and screws used in the assembly process. A helpful piece of advice when setting up this desk as two people is to have two hex (a.k.a. Allen) keys. Installing and testing the single motor on the desk however was relatively straightforward. 

Set up took such a long time because of the instructions provided, which lacked a bit of clarity in terms of distinguishing which of the many tiny screws and parts we were provided with were secured where.  

As you can see from the instruction manual provided below, some of the instructional infographics were tricky to follow too, leaving much to the imagination. 

EZ desk air standing desk original instruction manual

(Image credit: Future)

Unlike the instructions we were sent, the new pamphlet has “video instructions [which] are available on the product page on our website under the "assembly" tab.

You'll see that the latest white/black desks have clearer video instructions than the walnut video. The next shipment of walnut desks will also come with the clearer videos, there's only a minor design tweak in motor position. Written instructions are also now blown up in larger size, have clearer call outs, and a QR code which takes you to the assembly video. 

In use

After using the EZ Air standing desk for a week, it's a I wonder how I managed with my smaller, almost console-sized table, before to work on! The desk comfortably holds my work laptop, personal laptop, monitor, reams of paper and stationery as well as small speakers and a microphone. Underneath sits my foot rest with plenty of space to move my legs around as I'm seated. 

It's not a complaint, but I think the one improvement EZ Air could make would be to have an under-shelf fixed to the underside of the desk for extra storage and to keep the work surface clear and stop you having to reach down for work items when the table is elevated. Of course, you can always buy your own drawers to go under the desk but you don't want to have to keep dipping down to get items when you're in the flow of work and already standing. 

EZ Shopper were kind enough to send us a cable managment tidy, which along with the cable access management points makes the desk extremely convenient to use. 

Simply use the up and down arrows to set the table to your desired heights, and enjoy the spacious leg room beneath the desk as you seat or the comfortable work surface to rest on as you type. The free mousepad makes using the work surface convenient too, with plenty of room to move your mouse around and lay your stationery without fear it'll roll off as you adjust the height of the desk. 

The competition

Shopping around online you’ll be hard pressed to find such a stylishly designed, robust workstation as the EZ Air walnut standing desk for the same price. That’s not to say it’s impossible, however. 

We found the FEIZBO height adjustable desk available on Amazon for a slightly pricier £299.99 in a range of colours, including sky, sage green and stone alongside the expected wooden, white and black desktop tones. Note that delivery for the Feizbo takes significantly longer at a week or more, and the desk only holds 70.3kg in comparison to the EZ Air standing desks 80kg. 

The EZ Air height-adjustable standing desk is undoubtedly superb value for the price you pay at £229.99. The equivalent from market favourite FlexiSpot, the Standing Desk Pro Series E7 in black frame with 140 x 70 cm walnut desktop is currently priced at an eye-watering £459.98, a saving of £230 to spend on the rest of your home office.

Unlike some competitors who charge an individual price for the desktop and standing frame, EZ’s standing desks come with both in one shipment, with delivery box dimensions of 90 x 70 x 12 cm. EZ Shopper also has the advantage of being UK-based, unlike FlexiSpot which is helpful for faster delivery and customer service response times. 

Did you know? 

EZ Shopper also sells a dual motor desk as a premium product, with a Swedish designed frame, and desktops made in the UK. The dual motor desk is suitable for both corporate offices and working from home setups, favoured particularly by gamers, DJs and those with wider accessibility needs. 

EZ Desk Carbon Edition | Electric Height Adjustable Gaming Standing Desk 140x60cm

(Image credit: EZ Shopper)

Their EZ Desk Carbon Edition is thought to be the UKs only carbon fibre, gaming specific standing desk, launched in December 2021. EZ Shopper has plans to expand this single size into 3 sizes, soon to be available in 2022. 

Final verdict

The EZ Air standing desk in walnut is ergonomic and fantastic value for the price you pay compared to other market models around the same price point. If you’re after a hard-wearing standing desk that can automatically adjust to your pre-recorded sitting and standing heights and even remind you when you’ve been sitting too long, this is the desk for you.  

EZ Air Standing Desk Review | Walnut 140 x 60 | 80kg | Height 74 –119 cm

(Image credit: EZ Shopper)

The manually operated up/down mechanism is simple to master, provides accessibility benefits for those with wheelchairs or walking aides, and is attractively presented as a stylish wooden worktop with long-lasting steel legs. This desk has a height range of 74 –119 cm. The design means it’ll easily fit in with the rest of your natural wooden work furniture. The desktop can handle 80kg of weight with no fuss, meaning it is practical for handling daily work hardware such as monitors, laptops, and speakers all at once. 

However, if you’re looking for an adjustable desk with high mobility that can be wheeled around to suit your changing work space, this heavy-set, solid desk with a short cable that requires the table remains close to a plug socket may not be the one. If you can get past that, the EZ Air standing desk has plenty of brilliant features and benefits.

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