Citrix adds support for BYOD to GoToAssist

Citrix adds support for BYOD to GoToAssist
GoToAssist Support for iPad now upgraded

The bring your own device (BYOD) phenomena is taking businesses by storm and creating huge headaches for IT staff, and to help simplify the IT departments job Citrix has upgraded its remote support product, GoToAssist to deliver remote support for iOS devices and for Android devices.

The new services include;

GoToAssist Remote Support for iOS Devices - The new GoToAssist Remote Support for iOS Devices service gives IT staff the ability to provide support for iPad and iPhone users and their mobile devices via optimised chat, as well as the ability to conduct secure chat sessions, update profiles and configure device settings remotely. Additionally profiles created with the iPhone Configuration Utility can also be shared to troubleshoot problems and set business policies.

Upgraded GoToAssist App for iPad - allows paid subscribers can now view diagnostic information about the computer supported, email the .TXT file of all the diagnostic reports, and transfer support sessions started from the GoToAssist Expert desktop application to the GoToAssist app for iPad (and vice versa).

New GoToAssist App for Android - The new free GoToAssist for Android app allows anyone to be able to support users directly from their Android mobile device. In addition, GoToAssist paid subscribers receive the added benefits of access to unattended machines, diagnostic viewing and other support tools.

Additionally Citrix has also added a new optional Session Recording feature which captures active support and chat sessions for later auditing and training. Recordings are stored for 90 days in standard downloadable MPEG-4 format and can be used to help monitor effectiveness and customer support.