Hacking has driven the importance of cyber security


A global research study carried out by Vanson Bourne and Blue Coat Systems has found hacking may have produced one good side effect in bulking up cyber security and IT services.

With a reported 31% of UK businesses having suffered a data breach, 61% of UK business admitted that high-profile breaches are driving the importance of cyber security. Other countries are following suit, though a bit more slowly at 38% and 36% in Germany and France, respectively.

The study, which spoke with 1,580 respondents across 11 countries, went on to find that companies dealing with IT security is among the fastest growing businesses (companies with over 20% revenue growth) and 93% of that group mentioned IT security as a key to achieving business goals.

IT teams risk averse?

IT teams themselves are less likely to allow risk taking than business colleagues with 67% of UK respondents admitting this is the case and just 59% in the UK carried out a risk analysis on new technology.

Just 37% of German respondents conducted a risk analysis, while the numbers are growing to 41% in France and accelerating to 59% in the UK. China, in comparison was out in front with 68% of respondents having conducted a risk analysis.

After almost a third in the UK admitted to suffering a data breach it appears even more likely that risk assessment and analysis will grow among IT teams in the UK even though the global thought seems to be that risk taking is a good thing.