Treat your work devices to a security upgrade using our advice

A woman using a laptop to work from home.
(Image credit: Shutterstock - fizkes)

When it comes to staying safe online, many of us are hopefully now aware of the importance of having proper protection, whether that's antivirus, firewall, VPN tools or all of these and more.

But whilst our personal devices often live in well-protected luxury, our workplace devices often go neglected. And with the barriers between home and office life getting ever-smaller due to the rise in flexible working, there's never been a better time to boost your protection.

So if your work devices need a security boost, here's some of our top tips to make sure you stay safe.

Get all of your devices up to scratch

It may still seem like fairly basic instructions, but in this day and age, all your smart or internet-connected devices need to be secured fully.

Although laptops or desktops are often the priority when it comes to security, securing your other work devices, particularly in a home office, can often get forgotten. You may well have remembered to secure your tablets and smartphones, but how about the likes of printers and even internet routers? Any of these items can be easy targets for cybercriminals looking to hack into your network, and once compromised, could be hugely damaging, so they need the same level of protection.

When it comes to securing all your devices, Bitdefender Total Security works across multiple platforms and software versions, and can be used across up to 15 devices per household, whether Windows, macOS, Android and iOS - keeping all your most vital items safe. 

Make sure you have multi-layered protection in place

Once you have all your devices secured, it's time to make sure the right level of protection is keeping them safe.

Having the right multi-layered protection is what will truly keep you and your devices safe from the latest threats, covering all kinds of potential threat landscape vectors, from malicious emails, spam SMS text messages to in-browser threats, where hacker aim to push fraud and phishing attacks on unsuspecting victims.

Bitdefender Total Security’s anti-phishing system actively filters all traffic - not just the pages you intentionally browse, scanning web pages to warn when you come across fraudulent pages, even on mobile devices, providing real-time protection against all online dangers and fraudulent pages to keep you safe. 

Give your passwords that extra boost

Another key way to keep your most vital devices protected is to ensure all your passwords are suitably strong. Although your most personal items and accounts may be safeguarded by biometric systems, your work devices may not be quite as secure - so it's a good time to up their protection too.

Changing your passwords, mixing letters, numbers and special characters to make them harder to guess every few months is a good way to ensure your accounts stay secure. Remember, if you re-use passwords across multiple accounts, all it takes is for one of these to be compromised for hackers to potentially gain access to everything else.

Bitdefender Total Security includes an in-built Password Manager service to help keep track of all your passwords and other security details, giving you one less thing to worry about but helping keep you safe online.   

Be on your guard for any threats

With cybercrime proving especially lucrative when business targets are involved, with valuable data or proprietary information an enticing target for many hackers.

As many of us now split our time between work and the office as hybrid working booms in popularity, it’s important to stay aware of the latest cyber-threats, particularly if you use the same laptop or smartphone for both work and personal purposes, where any weakness could affect both worlds.

Bitdefender Total Security comes with high-end threat detection systems to stop the latest threats such as sophisticated malware, alongside technologies to protect against zero-day attacks and multi-layer ransomware protection to keep your files safe. The platform's Account Privacy service also notifies you if and when any of your sensitive data is at risk, and lets you take action depending on its status, meaning you can act swiftly to prevent any possible breaches before they happen.