Wizcom Quicktionary 3 Lite

Easy translation on the fly

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Our Verdict

A good idea but doesn't work as easily or as well as it could


  • Sturdy and resilient


  • Inefficient translation

Providing a quick way to translate text from French or Spanish to English and vice versa is the Wizcom Quicktionary 3 Lite (£100 inc. VAT). By inputting text using the built-in scanner or its touchscreen keyboard and stylus, it's easy to use when out and about.

Adaptable to left or right-handed users, the unit can be easily shared. Despite its simple operation, translation isn't as efficient. While you can scan or input whole sentences, translation works on a word-by-word basis, which can be a slow process.

With its rubberised grip, sturdy plastic casing and included carry case, it's as resilient for mobile use as it is easy to operate. We would have preferred full sentence translation as an option, but this is certainly faster and easier than scanning through a pocket dictionary.