Starcom F1000 for Vonage review

  • £90

Somewhat lacking in the looks department

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Our Verdict

Despite its dated looks the F1000 hints at the potential of true WiFi VoIP. Tragic interface, however.


  • True Wi-Fi phone

    Good with open access points


  • Dreadful interface

    Dated looks

It's fair to say that this Vonage unit has all the visual appeal of a mid-nineties Motorola. School children would laugh if you popped this out at a train station hotspot. The interface is a grey on orange LCD, and the keypad sticks and rocks in a truly unnerving way.

Yet for all its visual deficiencies, it is a true WiFi phone. The F1000 connects to your PC via USB and scans for your account details and settings.

Open access points are a cinch to make calls through, but WEP-enabled networks are a different story - though possible to connect to, the dreadful interface makes it almost impossible to enter a key, which means this isn't a phone for the local Starbucks or hotel room call. Tom Dennis