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Only one third of UK backs up data

Survey says 'bwa bwa'
Survey says 'bwa bwa'

A survey has suggested that only a third of people back up their data, despite nearly 40 per cent of people admitting they have lost files.

The survey of a thousand people – conducted for Symantec – suggests that losing data can be a costly business, putting an average price of £1,258, although some of the figures that go towards that seema bit of a reach.

Apparently replacing 'free downloaded TV content' would cost us £158, for instance. So not very 'free' then.

Relationship change

Con Mallon, Director of Product Marketing at Norton said: "Our relationship with our computers has changed in recent years.

"We now use them as the storage vault for priceless, unique files with huge emotional value, replacing the treasured photo albums, or the stacks of love-letters tied with ribbon.

"This is why I am concerned at people's complacency: only 22 per cent of people surveyed backup all of their files."

The more cynical among you will not be surprised to hear that Norton are pushing their Norton Online Backup product.