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Skylum to start over with a new Digital Asset Manager for Luminar

Skylum's Luminar offers an interesting approach to photo editing, offering a collection of preset effects organized into categories for those who want to apply an instant ‘look’. These are applied using a collection of filters, which you can also combine to create presets of your own. 

However, Luminar doesn't currently offer any cataloguing tools, but it looks like this is about to change, with the news that Skylum is developing a Digital Asset Management (DAM) for the software.

Rather than copying what rivals have done in the past, Skylum says it will rethink the interface, based on the fact that the typical user of a DAM will spend 70% of their time browsing, rating, promoting and rejecting images.

Free for current users

A beta version isn't available yet, as Skylum wants to ensure the build is rock-solid before it's launched, but it plans to offer the new DAM free to anyone who owns (or buys) a current version of Luminar.

After that, a new version of Luminar will be announced with the DAM included, which will see the price go up – it currently costs  £64 / $69 / AU$99 – although Skylum stresses it will still be affordable. 

Take a look at the preview video below to see more: