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Kodak PlayTouch review

The Kodak PlayTouch brings 1080p recording and touchscreen controls to the mini-camcorder party

Kodak PlayTouch
The Kodak PlayTouch has 128MB of internal storage but can be upgraded with SD cards


  • Good features
  • Touchscreen controls
  • Easy to use


  • Noisy video
  • Price

The PlayTouch might sound like a lewd product from a chemist, but it's actually Kodak's latest pocket camera.

The sleek black body houses just one button, which handles the recording. All the other options are located on the 3-inch touchscreen. This is the most expensive camera in our test (due to the touchscreen interface), but it packs in the features for your cash.

It offers 1080p recording, 5MP still photos and image stabilisation – which its predecessor lacked.

Like Sony with its Bloggie, Kodak has made a curious choice about the use of its display for viewfinding. the real estate offered is a measly post box-shaped rectangle in the middle, making it difficult to see what you're doing.

That said, the menu on the touchscreen is excellent, and the capacitive screen is responsive. Kodak should be applauded for putting every command within easy reach. You can set everything from output resolution to cheesy video effects, and are never left wondering how to change a setting quickly.

The Kodak also impressed us with the way it handled light, being quick to adjust itself when going from dark to bright. It also focused on faces – technology brought over from the compact camera range and used to good effect.

Footage was natural looking without any daft exposures, but with a warmth and realism that even the Toshiba couldn't produce.

Unfortunately, the picture was much noisier than it was on the Camileo P20 and the Flip MinoHD. The video seemed pixilated and lacking in smoothness, and we were less than impressed.

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