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Oculus’ VR painting app Quill will be released free next month

Quill – a virtual reality painting app created by Oculus – will be available to download as a free beta in early December. The date coincides with the release of the Oculus Touch controller, which you’ll need to create your own VR illustrations in Quill.

Oculus Story Studio – a division of the company dedicated to filmmaking – worked with traditional media illustrators to make Quill as versatile as possible. Paintings are built up from 3D brushstrokes, created in mid-air using the Touch Controller. 

Each stroke can be shaped and controlled after it’s made, allowing artists to maintain their preferred style while working in VR.

Quill was originally created for the VR film Dear Angelica, which Oculus showed at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. Each scene is an illustration that’s rendered in real time as you look around using a Rift headset.