With 30-inch PC monitors commanding the thick-end of £1,000, a 28-inch panel retailing at £294 looks a little suspicious. How has Hanns.G pulled it off?

It's certainly quite well specified with both HDMI and DVI digital inputs, and a VGA analogue port. Likewise, the panel is a decent enough TN with a 1,920x1,200 resolution.

It's very bright and if you tweak the OSD menu settings, it offers up quite vibrant colours. Its viewing angles, however, are average. It also allows a little too much backlight leakage, which spoils it as an HD video device.

But what lets the HG281 down, and helps explain the shockingly low price, is cheap image processing electronics. For gamers this isn't an issue, but image freaks will scoff at the lower quality colour rendering.